Healthy Alternatives for your Favorite Foods

Welcome back! In today’s post we’re talking about healthier alternatives for your favorite foods. These alternatives come pretty close, or are almost better than their fattier counterparts. Whether you’re on a steady diet or lifestyle plan, or are just looking for some healthier options to switch into your diet, look no further!

☆ Protein Coffee

You may have seen this on pinterest or floating around instagram, but it’s seriously amazing. It’s two shots of espresso over ice with one carton of your premier protein shake flavor of choice. I love the caramel flavor (which they just brought back) and it legit makes your coffee taste like a latte but for significantly less fat and sugar. You can customize the protein shake you use as well, I just love the premier protein ones.

Is this not what coffee dreams are made of?

☆ Buffalo Chicken Dip

This is hands down one of my favorite recipes. I started to experiment with making it a healthier way. The original recipes calls for regular shredded cheese, ranch, cream cheese, buffalo sauce, and chicken. My healthier alternative consists of just buffalo sauce and a small amount of cream cheese. You can sub in the reduced fat cream cheese and use a 1/4 of the amount the regular recipes calls for. I’m telling you it’s taste almost the exact same. You really don’t miss the ranch and the shredded cheese, and you can always add a smaller amount on the side if you really want! I highly recommend checking this alternative out.

☆Smart Sweets

These are a bit pricey, but they honestly taste just like regular candy. I love the sweedish fish style ones, or the gummy bear ones. You can get them online, at whole foods or in other specialty stores. They’re about $3 a bag, and they’re under 100 calories per bag with only 3 grams of sugar. You cannot go wrong.

☆ Built Bar

If you haven’t tried these protein bars, you really should. They’re only 110 calories, have 15g of protein, and have so many flavors. They’re very reasonably priced, and they always have free shipping. They also taste nothing like a regular protein bar so it’s basically like eating a chocolate bar.

☆ Yasso Greek Yogurt Ice Cream

If you love ice cream like me, it’s probably hard to cut it out if you’re trying to be healthy. When I found the Yasso Greek Yogurt bars I was ecstatic. They have a bunch of flavors and they taste amazing. I can’t say they’re as good as regular, full fat, full sugar ice cream, but the chocolate chip cookie dough flavor has actual chunks of cookie dough, so can you really go wrong?

I hope these few suggestions inspire you to look for healthier alternatives for some of your favorite foods! What are some of your favorite recipes you wish you could make in a healthier way?


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