Organizing on a Budget

Organizing on a Budget

Do you have a messy space you want to organize but have a list of excuses as to why you can’t? If one of them is that organizing is too expensive you can now officially cross that off your list of excuses because I am going to tell you the best ways to save money on organizing. Yes, organizing can get very expensive very quickly if you’re shopping at the wrong places. I have found great ways for finding new alternatives to organize your space without spending half your paycheck on organizational supplies.

In my first post about organizing, I talk about evaluating your space to decide what you may need to properly tidy it up. A lot of times using bins or baskets is an easy way to clean up a space, and can be extremely affordable. One of my favorite places to shop for bins and baskets is the Dollar Tree.

If you have not been inside a Dollar Tree recently, I highly recommend it. They have so many products for, you guessed it, a dollar, and they’re actually surprisingly good quality. I love getting different colored bins there to organize my pantry, office supplies, and tupperware.

These are some of the bins I’ve gotten from the Dollar Tree, they come in a bunch of different colors and are a great way to spruce up any area of your house!

With each bin only being a dollar, you really can get creative with how you want to organize a space and really put your own personal touch on it. Here’s a before and after picture of my pantry, which I recently reorganized using some Dollar Store bins.

Some I already had, but using the baskets really does make a difference and help me keep everything in its place.

Another great way to organize on a budget is to reuse items that you may not normally use for organization. This could be certain types of boxes, older tupperware you don’t really use anymore, recycled candles, mason jars, etc. If you take a look at some of the things you have around your house, you may have everything you need for a complete organization project. So many items can serve multiple functions, and it’s a great way to extend the life of an item as well as save you money.

My third tip for saving money while organizing is to look at clearance/sale items, and at items that may not be advertised as for organizing but could still be useful. The Container Store is a place that is fantastic for organizing, but can definitely get expensive. A great way to shop there is to look for their sales and discounts. I’ve gotten plenty of items from there, but I rarely pay full price. Also, if you join their free rewards programs, you get coupons all the time!

Going off of my last tip, when you’re in Hobby Lobby, Homegoods, or a similar type store, try looking for items that are not advertised as for organizing, but could still be used for it. I recently bought $2 acrylic cups that were meant for outdoor dining, but instead I’m now using them in my bathroom to hold my Q-tips and cotton pads. Much less expensive compared to the $10 designated Q-tip and cotton pad holders.

Basically, the number one thing to take away from this is if you want to save money on organizing, you just have to be creative. It’s not hard to find cheaper alternatives to more expensive organizational items, or just to re use items you already have! If you’re willing to think outside the box, I guarantee you will come up with amazing ideas to tidy up any space in your house .

I hope these tips helped any of you out there looking to organize on a budget! Until next time, always keep it klassy. xo.

Beginner’s Guide To: Organization 101

Beginner’s Guide To: Organization 101

Hello! Welcome to the first ever Beginner’s Guide, with this week’s post centering around organization. I don’t know about you, but a clean and organized space relieves my anxiety, puts me in a better mood, and honestly, just makes me happy. Organizing can be a bit overwhelming and may seem time consuming and expensive, but I promise after reading my guide, you’ll think otherwise

☆ Choose a space you think could use a little TLC

So you may want to organize your whole house or apartment, but start small and pick one spot you think really could use some help. Starting with one space will be less intimidating than trying to take on your whole house in the same day.

For me, it was under my bathroom sink. Now I know this might not look that bad to some, but to me it was an unorganized mess that needed to be taken care of

☆ Take everything out of the space

Take everything out of the space. You want to be able to have an entirely clean slate and be able to see how much space you really do have. I also recommend wiping down any surfaces that may be dirty or dusty.

(My favorite place to get my cleaning products is Grove Collaborative, they sell all natural amazing cleaning products at a discounted price! Let me know if you’re interested, I can send you my link and you get a free 5 piece welcome set!)

☆ Take inventory of what you have

Once you’ve pulled everything out, take stock of what you have. Did you remember buying 4 bottles of self tanner? Probably not, but here we are, and it’s time to declutter some. Maybe you have some products you thought you were out of, or just forgot you had even purchased, regardless of what you find, it’s always a good idea to take inventory while organizing your space.

☆ Prioritize what you use often, and what can go.

Do you need all 4 bottles of spray tan? Maybe, but if not, get rid all but maybe one or two of your favorites. This is also a good time to check the expiration dates on items and make sure you’re not using products that are well past their use by date. This can be harder to figure out with beauty products, but the rule of thumb I like to use is if I can’t remember buying it, it’s probably expired by now.

☆ Decide if you need any organization bins or baskets

Figure out if your space is workable as it is, or if you need to maybe purchase some shelves or bins. Now before you go running off the to the container store and spending all your hard earned cash, try checking out Walmart, Target, or the Dollar Tree. There are a lot of good finds there that are affordable and very effective! (Stay tuned for an upcoming post about my favorite ways to organize on a budget)

The only things I needed to purchase for this organization project were these cabinet shelves I found at the container store on sale for $4 each.

☆ Play with the space, see what works and what doesn’t

Once you’ve cleaned everything and have your final products ready to occupy their new space, play around with the area and see what will work and what doesn’t. The great thing about organizing is it doesn’t have to be permanent, and you can change it as your needs or products change. Figure out what works best for you and your routine.

☆ Stand back and admire your work

Well, you’ve finally made it to the end! I told you it wouldn’t be that bad. Now it’s time to stand back and admire your new space, and leave you wishing you had organized it sooner.

I highly recommend taking before and after pictures, it will definitely help you appreciate all your hard work even more! The bins I ended up using in this re-organization I already had, and just repurposed them to use for this, and I think it turned out great!

Let me know what your favorite ways to organize a cluttered space are!

Always keep it klassy, xo.