2019 Goals: A Check In

2019 Goals: A Check In

So….we’re almost halfway through 2019 (I know, it’s crazy). I think it’s common for most people to set goals at the beginning the year, with the intent of following through with them. But, then life gets in the way, and suddenly you have a bunch of unfinished goals, motivation is left behind in January and you’re right back where you started. WELL, let this serve as an almost-halfway-point check in! Where are you guys with your goals? Have you made progress on them, or did you find yourself losing motivation soon after you started them?

Usually for me, I have this great ideas of what I want to accomplish or become, and I always fall short. It’s easy to stop when things get hard, or uncomfortable, or just not convenient anymore. The trick is to stay motivated, to find what gets you going and to remind yourself of that every day.

One of my main goals for 2019 was to run more, and specifically, be able to run the 5k my high school hosts every April for Alumni weekend. I knew the date ahead of time and I knew I wanted to be able to finish alongside my two best friends who would also be running it with me. It was great motivation, and I was able to accomplish my goal! I never thought I’d be someone who could run more than a mile, but pushing myself past my comfort point has really allowed me to see my own potential.

I recently completed a run and was able to get in 3.5 miles! I was proud to have been able to run the farthest I ever have, and it’s motivating me to create a new goal of running 5 miles. Challenging myself to work out when I don’t feel like it, and push myself far out of my comfort zone has been one of the most personally rewarding experiences of my life.

I challenge all of you to push yourself, find a new motivation, a new inspiration, something that excites you and makes you want to tackle your goals head on! There’s still plenty of time left in 2019, don’t let it go to waste.

As always, keep it klassy, xo.

Current Favorites: Motivational Books

Current Favorites: Motivational Books

Happy Friday everyone! Are you in need of some motivation-something to jump start you into being more productive, happy and satisfied with your life? WELL, these two books, Unfu*k Yourself by Gary John Bishop and Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis are guaranteed to get you out of whatever funk you may find yourself in.

Both books focus on readjusting your perspective so you can look at life differently and truly get the most out of it. They’re both extremely easy to read, light hearted and really get you thinking. I love reading them before bed so I can be even more reflective about my day and my actions.

I know the idea of a “self help” or “motivational” speaker type book can be a bit of a turn off, but I swear these are really worth the read. Both authors offer different perspectives and ways to change little things in your life that can really have a significant impact.

What are your favorite motivational books?

Hope everyone has a great weekend! xo.

Monthly Mental Health Monday: Gratitude

Monthly Mental Health Monday: Gratitude

Welcome back to the second Mental Health Monday, with this month’s post focusing on gratitude, something I’m sure all of us could focus a little more on.

Gratitude can be a tricky thing. If someone asked you if you were grateful for the people and blessings in your life, of course you’d say yes. It’s easy to be grateful when it’s obvious: you are grateful for your friends, family, pets, etc. But is that really as far as gratitude goes?

For me, I started to switch my perspective on gratitude. I knew the things I was grateful for, and I knew that I had many things in my life to be thankful for, but was I really appreciating them? It’s good to be aware of your gratitude towards the big things, the things that stand out in your life, but what about not just being aware, but applying that gratitude to every part of your life. Appreciating the little things just a little bit more….not letting the small things get you down, and reminding yourself more often than not that things are never as bad as they seem.

One way I’ve started to adjust my perspective on gratitude is through the five minute journal. I started this back in the beginning of the year and it’s really challenged me to be more reflective on a daily basis. It’s a very simple journal, with you writing down a few things in the morning and a few a night (it’s super quick I promise) and it allows you a few extra minutes to yourself to really think about what would make the day great, and what made the day great.

Some days it’s harder than others to come up with a list of good things that happened that day, but the journal really challenges me to reflect on every part of my day, and see the good in even the worst of times. The past couple of months have been unusually stressful and anxiety ridden for me, so having this time to reflect has really been beneficial.

I challenge you to take an extra minute at the beginning and end of your day to really think about what could make the day great, and even the smallest of things that happened that made it a good day. Your brain is a muscle, and once you train it long enough, it’ll adjust to a more positive outlook on things instead of the stationary negative one a lot of us have.

Always easier said than done, but you have to start somewhere.

What are your favorite tips for gratitude?

As always, keep it klassy. xo.

Friday Fitness Motivation

Friday Fitness Motivation

Happy Friday everyone! I thought I’d share a little fitness motivation with you guys to start the weekend off strong.

The picture above is from after my run the other day. To be able to complete a 5k in a (barely) under 12 minute mile pace is amazing to me. If you had asked me 6 months ago if I would ever be confident, or able enough to run a 5k, let alone at a decent pace, I would have laughed. Running has always been that one thing I wish I was good at but was convinced I never would be. I hating running in school and in sports, and it just always became a workout I could never tackle. I finally decided one day that I was going to build up my stamina and my running ability, so I started off small and would run for 10 minutes. At first, that 10 minutes was painful, hard, and made me want to quit. It’s been no easy task but to be where I’m at now shows me that I’m capable of achieving my goals if I set my mind to them.

My pace still isn’t super fast compared to all you running fanatics out there, but to me this was such a conquered victory. I can’t wait to see what milestone (pun intended) I can hit next!

If any of you guys are struggling to find fitness motivation or the drive to start, I encourage you to think about where you would love to see yourself in 6 months. Is it running a 5k? Is it running a half marathon? Or maybe it’s just building up your muscle capacity or toning up your arms. Whatever it may be, whatever goal that seems impossible to you right now, I challenge you to take one small step towards it. Running a 5k is only one of my short term goals on a much longer journey I’d like to accomplish in my fitness prowess. It doesn’t have to be a big step, and the progress won’t happen over night, but it will happen, and you will be proud of yourself when you accomplish your goals.

I hope this can help any of you out there if you’re in need of some fitness motivation!

As always, keep it klassy. xo.

A Note about Self Love

A Note about Self Love

The quote above is from one of my favorite books, Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur. If you haven’t checked it out, I highly recommend it. It’s filled with beautiful poetry that explains the human experience in the most unique and accurate way.

I love this quote because it reminds me that loving yourself, and being proud of who you are is more important than what others think of you. Of course it’s always great when you have the love and support of others, but believing in yourself, and knowing your worth to me are the most important thing.

Over the past year or so I’ve started to realize what I want to make a priority in my life, and having quality people around me and healthy relationships is at the top. It’s definitely true that the love you show yourself is how others are going to love you. Demand the respect and love you deserve from all your relationships-whether it be with a parent, friend, or significant other.

For the longest time I’ve been so terrified of having other people be mad at me that I would tell myself that I was in the wrong or that I didn’t have a right to be upset about something, when in reality I really did. When people treat you poorly, or make you feel insecure or down about yourself, do you really need that relationship in your life? I know it’s not always that simple to cut people out of your life, but I really encourage all of you to look at the relationships you have in your life and ask yourself if people would go as far for you as you would for them. Don’t let people dull your shine, and always remember that you deserve the best kind of people in your life, who follow through and are always there for you; who want the best for you no matter what. I’d rather have 3 people in my life that are the best people I could ever ask for, instead of having 20 friends who may not genuinely support you, or put effort into the friendship-quality over quantity.

I’d rather spend my time and energy focused on relationships where I feel respected and loved, and like I matter. Why waste time on relationships with people who constantly put other people and things before you?

I challenge all of you to demand the very best yourself, love yourself fully and as always, stay klassy. xo.

Friday Motivation

Friday Motivation

It’s hard not to compare yourself to others around you, measure your progress against theirs, and wonder what you’re doing wrong. When it comes down to it, all that matters is your opinion of yourself, how your decisions stand up against your goals and aspirations, and if you’re proud of the person you are putting out into the world. I hope this inspires any of you who may be feeling small compared to someone else to remember the amazing potential and drive you have within you.

I think this quote also stands to say that if we see someone else succeeding, we shouldn’t let it affect our opinion of ourselves, or maybe even think badly about them or try to discredit their success. We would never want to someone to judge or challenge an accomplishment in our own lives, so let’s all try respect other’s achievements, without tearing them or ourselves down in the process.

Stay klassy, xo.

Monthly Mental Health Monday

Monthly Mental Health Monday

Welcome to my first ever monthly mental health Monday! Once a month on a Monday I will post something related to mental well being and overall health. This topic is something very important to me and I can’t wait to share with you all the ideas I have. For this month’s mental health Monday, I want to talk about ways to destress. This is obviously easier said than done, and definitely differs person to person. The ones I’m sharing with you today are what I have found to be some of the most beneficial ways I use to destress or help ease my anxiety. They are by no means a catch all cure, or intended to be anything other than a simple recommendation if you find yourself in a rut when it comes to how to relax. (please enjoy the peaceful picture of a summer sunset on Lake George above)


When you’re laying in bed at night, or alternatively, when you’re at work/school and you’re thinking about all the things you wish you could be doing, what is it that you desire the most? It is a massage? A face mask? A manicure? A nap? All of the above? Well, no matter what is, this is the time to do it. When you’re feeling overwhelmed and just need a break, do the one thing you always wish you had time to do. Now I know it’s not always easy to go get a manicure if it’s 2am and you’re writing a paper, or can’t sleep because you’re thinking about your never ending to-do list, but if can find the time to schedule some much needed self care, not only will you finally be giving yourself the relaxation you deserve, but now you have something to look forward to as well. Side note, I recently have downloaded the Simple Habit app for meditation, and let me tell you they have so many topics that I never even thought would be available to meditate to. From having a long day at work, to PMS, to food related issues, relationships, there’s something for every mood and every person. Plus, most of them are less than 5 minutes, so even if you think you’re super busy, try to spare 5 minutes and give it a try.

☆Call your favorite person 

Do people actually call each other anymore? Some people hate talking on the phone, while I personally love it. Whether you purposefully avoid making phone calls and much prefer texting, or could spend 5 hours on the phone, picking up your phone and talking to your favorite person is almost guaranteed to put you in a better mood. Call your mom, dad, best friend, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, etc. I can bet that after you hear there voice, maybe talk through what’s stressing you out, or just give your mind a distraction, you will feel 100% better when you feel supported and close to someone you care about.

☆Put on your favorite comfy clothes 

This may seem obvious….but I still want to mention it. For me, the first thing I do when I get home from work is take off my makeup and put on my sweatpants. Doing that instantly makes me feel like I’ve transitioned from work mode into at-home-relaxing mode, and it always lifts my mood. Even if you’re in a super bad mood and stressed beyond belief…..at least you’re comfortable right? That’s probably really lackluster advice, but hey, it’s a step in the right direction to creating a calm, comfortable environment.

☆Re adjust your perspective

If you find yourself overwhelmed, bogged down by a mountain of assignments, a parade of unopened emails, and 3+ piles of laundry on your floor, and you feel there’s no end in sight and you might as well give up now (well first, don’t) it’s time to readjust your perspective. Sit down with yourself and be realistic. What needs to get done right now in this moment: do you need to answer that email or text right now? Will you run out of shirts if you don’t do your laundry tonight? Once you can prioritize your to-do list and really hone in on what needs to get done, and what can get done at a later date, I swear you’ll feel better. I like to make to-do lists specific to the days of the week, and figure out what is a priority that needs to get done each day, and what can fall off the list if I run out of time. Additionally, you should definitely schedule time to relax or unwind. Even if it’s only 15 minutes or it’s getting ready for bed a little earlier so you have an extra 20 minutes to watch youtube videos before you go to sleep, you need to set aside time for yourself. Running yourself down will get you nowhere, except very tired and probably with all your to-do list items half done, or not done well. Invest your time wisely, readjust your perspective and remind yourself at the end of the day, another day you don’t do your laundry will not kill you. (But remember….still eventually do your laundry..)

☆Get off social media 

I love social media, but I can never say I would describe it as relaxing. Aimlessly scrolling through instagram or twitter usually leaves me judging other people (we all do it…..just saying), feeling bad about myself, or feeling compelled to go out and buy or do something I saw someone else doing. Social media will be there tomorrow, and when it comes to de-stressing, try to find something that takes your mind off the rest of the world, and focus on yourself.